Principal Engineers:

Nils Juhlin - President
Ph. D. in M.E., P.E.; Stress analysis, heat transfer, dynamic analysis, composites, finite element analysis, material testing, and software development. Aerospace industry experience.


Mark Lobo - Senior thermal/fluids analyst
Ph. D. in M.E.; Heat transfer, thermodynamics, combustion, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and numerical modeling of mechanical systems.


Supporting Engineers:

Randy Kent - M.S.Met.E., P.E.; Failure analysis and material analysis.
Experience in the manufacturing and marine industries.

Tim O’Neill - M.S.M.E.; Data acquisition specialist, strain, motion, temperature, and flow measurements.

Eric Easterbrook - B.S.A.A., Fatigue, fracture, fatigue life improvement methods. Aerospace industry experience.

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